Craniosacral self techniques

Please download and use the relevant links below only as advised by Nicola Redmond.


This exercise helps to reset the autonomic nervous system when out of balance. Helps to cope with stress, anxiety and fear.  This is Stanley Rosenberg’s Basic Exercise for resetting the autononmic nervous system. This is part of polyvagal theory. Polyvagal theory sees the autonomic nervous system in a three part hierarchy: the ventral vagus is primary when we are in a relaxed state. The sympathetic chain of nerves are primary when we are in an excited state such as fright, flight and fight and the dorsal vagus is an system involving immobilisation. For example like a rabbit caught in headlights.
If for any reasons these systems become out of balance and cannot return to a normal state following physical or psychological trauma this can result in stress and depression.
This exercise can reset the nervous system to a better state of function and can be repeated as necessary.


Alexander position for CV4.  From the Alexander technique this position allows the craniosacral system to reset.  Very relaxing and helps the body to re-balance physiologically.