As in acupuncture, kinesiologists believe that energy channels (meridians) are linked to internal organs and that illness occurs when meridians are blocked. The nerves connected to the spine, organs and muscles, act much like an electrical circuit connected to the brain, and hence the body acts much like a computer. When muscle testing we are not only testing ‘a muscle’ we are testing a muscle response related to the nervous system.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to ‘follow the trail’ of imbalances or to check if a substance, supplement, remedy, essence is a priority for the client.


Every muscle has an optimum basal tension and when in balance you can disturb the energy temporarily and it will switch off or weaken using gentle muscle testing. If however this doesn’t happen and it stays strong/fixed then we would say the muscle is hypertonic or holding more tension that won’t release and this can be due to something stressing the system and is reflected in that test. Sometimes we hold in some kind of stress in order to keep going. This can be recent; or accumulated over time.

I’ve found that the homeopathic remedy Clear Quartz (from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy) releases hypertonicity enough for me to be able to use muscle response testing.

With people not able to be muscle tested (including babies, young children, someone with muscle impairment) I can use a surrogate to test via.

Homeokinesiopathy – Homeopathy with Kinesiology &/or Asyra(Qest) Bio Resonance screening

I generally work online at an initial appointment to gather information in order to determine the pattern of the imbalance/s. Often I will run the bio resonance system to see if there are any clues there.

Once I’ve done as much research and analysis as I can I will then work out a programme of homeopathy and/or homeobotanicals, and test either with the bio resonance system or kinesiology to fine tune the prescription.

Over the last few years we have become adept at working remotely with our testing. I use a hair sample and signature both with the bio resonance and remote kinesiology testing in the fine tuning.

I can see people face to face for kinesiology on Thursday afternoons. This can be useful to balance a priority meridian (energy channel).

What I have found in practice is that putting something on the person (be it a supplement, or essence, or homeopathic remedy) creates a change in the muscle response. So it’s important to test up in the right context to determine if the item is a priority or not.

Using kinesiology to test up foods, supplements

If people want to test up suspect foods I ask them to bring a small sample of each and we go through them one by one. I can test up if supplements seem to be helping as well. Some people start with huge amounts of supplements and we often find a much smaller amount are actually of use to the body or being absorbed.


    I worked with one client who showed hypertonicity in the muscle we use that ‘connects’ to the nervous system/brain (the supraspinatus muscle). I asked her if she was stressed at the moment and she calmly said no. Her muscle indicated otherwise. When I was able to test her, I placed a vitamin B combination supplement on her. It tested up to have way more than the indicated dose on the tub. I then placed a homeopathic vitamin B combination on her. The dosage for the supplement B reduced by half with the homeopathic B on her. The balancing of the energetic homeopathic version of the B compounds enabled a more ‘sensible’ dosing of the supplement version. This is just one example of the kind of testing I might do.

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