Herbs and Homeopathy

Homeobotanicals are a powerful synergy of organic herbs  in liquid form potentised homeopathically. These blends cover a comprehensive range of conditions and were designed to work in an infinite variety of ways in order to restore someone to health.

Acute Issues

Eg:  may help with anxiety, hay fever, hot flushes, headaches, pain, sleep etc.

Acute conditions respond very quickly to these remedies, supporting the immune system and accelerating the healing process.

Chronic Issues

Eg:  may assist with hormonal symptoms, fatigue, stress, depression, blood pressure issues, blood sugar imbalances, gut dysbiosis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune conditions, etc.

Chronic conditions respond at a more measured pace, according to the duration and severity of the disease or imbalance. Asthma, eczema, bowel problems, poor vitality due to toxin build-up, arthritis, hormone imbalance (and the distressing associated symptoms), allergies, and so much more. In many instances, once the toxic load has been taken off the organs, the body will heal itself and no further intervention is required. This core therapy can be used in conjunction with any other form of healing technique to enhance vitality and accelerate recovery.

Acute and longstanding issues often ‘cross over’.


Certain formulas may assist cleaning out toxins – ingested, inhaled, absorbed – leaving someone capable of functioning much more efficiently. Once the toxic load is taken off the organs, immunity may be able to re-establish and may work to restore balance.


The nutritional component of minerals and other micro-nutrients may enable optimum assimilation which nourishes and re-builds the immune system, thereby creating more vibrant health and energy.

Blends may help with the symptoms of:

Allergies, Hay Fever

Anti-oxidant Boost

Calming Blend

Detox Blends

Digestive Blends

E.M.F. Support

Energy Blends

Fertility Blends

Anti-fungal Blends

Anti-parasitical Blends

Heart & Circulation Blends

Hormonal Blends

Immune Tonics

Injury Blends

Nutrition Tonics

Pain Blends

Respiratory Blends

Shield (Dandelion, Pine, Rosemary)

Sleep Blends

Skin Revive

Worms Blend

“Wanted to let you know that my sleep during the last 2 nights has very much improved.” “As far as sleep improvement is concerned: what I have noticed is a change in the quality of sleep. Much deeper sleep and less waking up at night, getting out of bed in the morning much easier, I am not totally tired anymore.”

“The miraculous thing for me has been the Homeobotanical remedy. It has been the only time that anything has ever helped my Edema and waking up at night for urine. When the bottle finished, and it took me a few days to ask you to send me another, the symptoms started returning but as soon as I resumed the drops, instantly they started bringing the swelling down. For me this is huge as no one has ever been able to touch this before”.  This client has had this issue for decades.

Hot Flushes: “I was getting them everyday near enough hourly and I seem to be getting them sporadically now maybe twice a day for a period of a week out of a month.”

Shingles pain: “I think it reduces intensity of pain. Before I took it I was literally yelping with pain; haven’t done since; interesting I took it to my homeopath who uses bio resonance machine, she tested it on me and said my body really needed it, you are a superstar extraordinaire” Sue


Back in 1984, years of experimentation and observation all came together through the work of Dr. Brian Murray ND, DO, PhD at his two natural therapy clinics in Auckland, New Zealand. Many clients of low-income backgrounds were unable to afford complementary health care because the cost of many commercial herbal formulations available on the market equalled or exceeded a consultation fee.

Dr. Murray had noticed that many different healing approaches had in common the potency range of “mother tincture” – 3x, so he adjusted his herbal tinctures to the middle of this range and always potentised the single herb tinctures by succussion.

Well over a hundred herbs were prepared in this way. The homeopathic indications of each herb were recorded and many hours were also spent researching the herbal indications and the ratios of each of the single botanicals in the formulas. When compiled and compared, some fascinating data was available suggesting that the range of healing capacity in any one tincture was not fully covered by looking at it from either a herbal or homeopathic perspective.

Combining BOTH sets of information produced a deeper understanding of the full healing potential.

Realisation dawned on the practitioners who were prescribing these new remedies. The results being obtained from the new remedies were far greater than anything that could have been expected from using herbal tinctures alone. The word “miracle” had been used so often by clients when reporting progress, it was clear that something extraordinary was happening.

It was as if a new herbal energy had been released by the process adopted to prepare the tinctures.

Formulas are typically are made up into a 30ml pharmaceutical grade glass bottle with either a dropper or atomiser.  For chronic conditions the dosage would be 3 drops/2 sprays x 3 times daily – which is considered to be Maintenance Dosing and a 30ml bottle would be expected to last 4-6 weeks depending on frequency of use.

For acute conditions 3 drops/2 sprays every 15mins for an hour repeating if necessary for a further hour, and then resuming Maintenance Dosing.

A 30ml bottle is £20 (plus shipping).  


If you would like to order any of these blends as prescribed by your practitioner or would like to have a Homeobotanical consultation to tailor a blend to your specific needs please email using the link below.

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