What is Qest Bio Resonance?

Screening with the Qest/Asyra bio resonance system is a method of finding out how your body systems are functioning.  The digitally-encoded information correlates to an extensive range of mental, physiological and emotional factors allowing you to check potential nutrient or hormone imbalances, toxins, pathogens and the energetic health of your mind/body ‘system’. It may also help sign-post potential dietary or environmental sensitivities that may be having an affecting your health and/or emotional well-being.  Once identified, the issues are balanced and corrected as far as possible and a remedy is made for you to take away.

What health problems may be helped?

It is not a diagnostic device, but it may help to improve the health and wellbeing of anyone, no matter what their state of health may be. The energetic tests may provide useful information to help people suffering from the symptoms of, for example: allergies; arthritis; asthma; candida; depression; digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome; low energy levels & fatigue; food sensitivities; headaches; hormonal issues; hyperactivity; insomnia; menopausal problems; ME; MS; migraines; parasites; PMS; skin problems; stress; thyroid problems; weight gain or weight loss and much more.

What is bioenergetic testing?

Everything in existence is energy. Medicine recognises we are electromagnetic beings and has a long-standing tradition of using ‘diagnostic’ machines. MRI machines work with magnetic energy. Ultrasound machines use high frequency sound energy. EKGs are an electronic representation of what is in the heart. EEGs are an electronic representation of what is in the brain. The Qest/Asyra system works by measuring the body’s energetic signatures in much the same way physical muscle testing does: if a glyphosate test vial is placed in your body’s energy field and a practitioner pushes on your arm (using kinesiology), it will go weak because glyphosate is known to be a toxic substance to the human body. Glyphosate may disrupt the human energy field just as it disrupts cellular metabolism in the body. We are affected by our environments in different ways. If you see, taste, smell, touch or hear something you especially like, you will most probably have good thoughts and your body will physically respond. For example, saliva is produced when smelling a food you enjoy, or you might relax if you hear a soothing piece of music etc. But if you experience something you don’t like, you will respond differently, e.g., with tension, shallow breathing, thoughts of how to avoid it, etc. Bio-feedback is the body’s electrical process of monitoring body responses to different stimuli. The Qest/Asyra tests energetic signatures or frequencies of different stimuli and records the response/s. It can detect energy signatures of imbalances long before conventional tests in many instances. The Qest/Asyra will register frequency imbalances corresponding to physiologic abnormalities. It will then imprint the remedy the Qest/Asyra calls for along with items to balance the problems that were identified.

How does it work?

If a frequency from the Qest/Asyra encounters a molecule that shares its frequency, then “resonance” occurs, such that the return signal of that frequency will register as a voltage drop. This signifies that the entity “looked for” by the specific frequency is or has been present in your body. One can think of resonance in the same way as an exact note will shatter glass. Qest/Asyra uses actual substances for resonance signatures, strength of energetic imprints and clinical endorsement by some of the finest clinicians in America for example.  Each session starts with a survey of the status of organ systems. Although some energetic balancing systems test individual acupuncture meridians, the Qest/Asyra tests the organ systems without the need for precise location of points or application of pressure to get reproducible results. By determining the stress points first, the Qest/Asyra can focus on the priority for that time.

I have been using this system remotely exclusively for over a year now.

Is it scientifically proven?

Many technical studies, tests and research papers have been produced, verifying the effectiveness of the process. “In one study, a 97% correlation was found with blood tests for thyroid dysfunction.” The Qest/Asyra is used by many health practitioners, including medical doctors, nurses, chiropractors, osteopaths, homeopaths, naturopaths, kinesiologists and nutritional therapists worldwide.

Will I have to give up certain foods?

There may be an indication that some foods that could be causing an issue at the moment. Generally, it’s advised to lessen or cut out consumption of some of the foods for 2 to 4 weeks.

Will the digital remedy affect any medication I am taking?

No, the Vibrational Remedy which is produced from the consultation will not interfere with medication. It works on an energetic level which is different to the way drugs are processed in the body.

How do I take the digital remedy?

The remedy is available in liquid drop form dosage for most people. The drops should be administered under the tongue. You can either see how many drops you are taking by looking in a mirror and counting, or by dropping into a small amount of water. The remedy can also be imprinted on dermal patches to apply on the body if taking drops is problematic.   And some people prefer to have the remedy imprinted onto quartz crystal which is either kept in their water bottle or worn around the neck.  Keep the remedy away from electronics (microwave ovens, cell phones, I-pods, pagers, magnets, x-rays, etc) to avoid external imprinting. Because vibrational remedies serve as catalysts for change (just like a light switch will turn on lights as long as you have operational bulbs), there is the potential for a detoxification reaction with your sublingual drops. In fact, a reaction is often a confirmation that an important condition is being addressed.  If you experience a detoxification reaction, reduce the number of drops for a few days and then resume the original dosage.  In practice I have seen this very rarely with this system.

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up appointments are recommended as they help you to see your progress. it is not possible to determine how many evaluations are necessary as it depends on your life experiences, exposures, genetics, and energetic nature. The programme tests against 18,000 substances. Also, healing often occurs in layers, and once one layer is dealt with, the next can be addressed. It is usual for clients to have a follow-up appointment 3 to 6 weeks after their first consultation, depending on the recommended time given for taking the remedy. The follow-up session helps to monitor progress and it may take between 2 and 12 follow-up sessions before you notice an improvement in your health. This will mostly depend on the severity of your initial health issues and how much of the diet and lifestyle recommendations you are able to implement. It is entirely up to you to arrange a follow-up session but most people seem to achieve the benefit they were hoping for after the third session. An annual Qest/Asyra test, thereafter, may help to keep you on track.

The Qest offers very accurate, some would say “uncanny,” results. “In a recent double-blind study conducted by E. Alan Jeppsen, M.D., and Steven G. Osguthorpe, N.D., of the University of Utah Alternative Medicine Department, the Qest yielded a 97 percent correlation with blood chemistry using a clinical pool of 1,800 patients.”

Qest in Blackheath

Nicola Redmond provides Bio Resonance screening in Blackheath, and also serves the local community in South East London (including Greenwich, Charlton, Lewisham, Deptford, Maze Hill, Westcombe Park, Plumstead, Dartford).  Nicola is at Blackheath Complementary Health Centre on Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays flexible.

Some feedback

“There was a massive immediate reaction to the first Asyra spray.””….things started to improve. The first was his communication which has substantially improved.  Next was the sleep which is better. He is also calmer and happier.”   VS 6.7.19

“I felt so much better after treatment. It was transformative.   I slept!” (she’d previously had sleepless nights which were very debilitating and reducing her to tears along with huge stress and dealing with a lot of traumas)  “I’ve got my mojo back” She no longer feels overwhelmed. “Loads of ideas.”   MD 13.2.2020

“whatever you did …was most effective….” “first term back at school was very settled and calm.” “*** feels she was a completely different child”   ME

“I had 4 great sleeps last week. Only woke once on 3 of the nights, managed 4 hours in one hit. Felt wonderful, the best sleep in years”   KM

“You had asked for a little update on how I am doing on the drops you had given me (for the life of me can’t remember the name).  I have definitely noticed a difference in myself to be honest. I do have moments still where I dip a little with the likes of appearance BUT I do say the affirmation and it does quickly change. Regrading my relationship with my…” (family member), “ ..I still get irritated however I feel that I am able to control my emotions towards  ***  and have a more accepting and calmer approach – not always but it’s been two weeks so I am hopeful it’ll improve some more! On the whole I am really noticing a change in my thoughts which is just perfect”   Client 4.3.20

“Wearing crystal 24/7 feel good”   RDS, 21.10.10

“I think the crystal may have had an immediate effect as I felt very energised and productive today, like a snapped out of the lethargy and fatigue.”   DS, 20.10.19

“My son is nine years old and has dyslexia. He often says he doesn’t fit in at school and with being an only child he can be a bit serious at times. At the last appointment he was given a crystal to wear, and within two weeks his whole character and energy has changed into a playful, happy, confident and determined boy.”   CT, 17.12.19

“Better sleep. Better focus – I can work with more order – it is easier to prioritise. Better energy – I want to go on my rebounder – I want to book that gym class – I want to go for a walk. Better health – no kidney nor back pain.  I didn’t take the charged water for a few days as I had my cavitation operation and passport appointment and… life. Just three days without it and I was feeling low – very demotivated and no energy. I drunk it this morning and within half an hour I feel positive and energetic again!!  My eyesight seems better. I seem to be reaching for my glasses less when I work on my computer.”   SB, 3.12.19 

“I wanted  to say a huge thank you for your support during my miscarriage. I was so reassured that you would be available if anything went wrong, especially as the NHS is encouraging people to manage things at home during the pandemic unless there is a sign of infection or haemorrhaging. I was scared to go through this but knowing you’d be there to give advice if I needed it was so reassuring. In the end the remedies helped tremendously with the bleeding and pain. I thought I may have been bleeding too much at one stage but the Bellis Perennis really helped to change the flow to a manageable level. And when it slowed a lot, the Secale helped to encourage the body to continue the process. After about 5 days of the bleeding we had the session on the Asyra. I was feeling tired and worn out, and pretty flat emotionally. After our session I slept and the next day I began to start feeling myself again – I noticed I was able to crack a joke, laugh and even get out of the house for a walk at the park. Since then I feel I’m returning more and more to myself with every day. I really can’t thank you enough for your help at this troubling time!” K, 5.8.20

“I am doing pretty well, following everything we talked about. I feel better all around, more energy, much less tiredness, the swelling of my liver seems to have reduced dramatically, no more gallbladder pain. I am doing the exercises and am taking the supplements you suggested. My arthritic pain in my spine and lower back reduced quite a lot with the homoeopathy, flower essence, which has finished now, and the pain is slowly recurring. I would like to make a new appointment, because 4 weeks have passed, and I want to know what your wonder machine is saying.” AS, 18.10.20

 “After an extended period of feeling fragmented in a terrible rush to get a series of unobtainable things done feeling quite ill from all the rushing and not stopping.  I lay there with the crystal around my neck feeling an extremely unfamiliar feeling of GREAT PEACE.  That evening I went out and felt my humour come back.” LH, 27.11.20

 “I noticed my energy levels were rapidly going downhill during the time in-between the new remedies. I felt tired most of the day, had breakfast and felt like going back to bed. Felt a little depressed and cooped in (because of the lockdown and not being able to go places). Since starting the new vibrational remedy I already notice a difference. I last longer during the day and do not feel so tired.”     AS, 25.1.21

















Frequently Asked Questions:

Will health insurance companies cover the cost of Qest screening?
Please check with your insurance company about this.
What happens at an Qest screening and how does it work?

A witness sample is placed in contact with the brass cylinders which then link to the hardware of the system via electromagnetic signals. Reports are generated on the computer of any responses that are outside specific limits.  Then a process called bio-feedback tests and records the witness sample’s energetic response to various substances.

What happens after the remedy from the Qest has been taken?

After taking your remedy/ies you may notice some changes.

One way of explaining in a simple way how the remedy made from the system works is that when you have persistent symptoms (ill health, dis-ease) it may be because the body’s natural ability to heal itself is blocked (by inherited immune weaknesses, suppressed emotional expression…) The Qest/Asyra potentised remedy/ies works by resonating with the symptoms and energising the body to cure itself by recognising it’s own symptoms in the symptoms that the remedy produces in a healthy person.

Some patients experience well-being, optimism and a change in energy levels. Occasionally your symptoms may appear to get worse for a short time. This can sometimes manifest as a form of rash, discharge or flu-like symptoms.

This is a good sign that the prescription is taking effect and that your body is detoxifying. These symptoms will pass. They can be a very important part of the healing process and therefore advisable to consult your practitioner – before self-treating with other medicines – who may further prescribe or give helpful adjunctive advice.

How to take the remedy?

The remedy is available in liquid form dosage for most people. It can also be made into pillules.  The liquid remedy should be delivered under the tongue. The remedy can also be imprinted on special patches which stay on the body for up to a week if liquid or pillules are problematic. Keep the bottle away from electronics (microwave ovens, routers, cell phones, I-pods, pagers, magnets, x-rays, etc) to avoid external imprinting. Because the vibrational remedies serve as catalysts for change (just like a light switch will turn on lights as long as you have operational bulbs), there is the potential for a detoxification reaction. In fact, a reaction is often a confirmation that the an important condition is being addressed. If you experience a detoxification reaction, reduce the number of sprays/pillules for a few days and then resume the original dosage.