About Nicola Redmond – Homeopathy | Bio Resonance Screening | Systematic Kinesiology  | Craniosacral Therapy

Nicola Redmond L.C.P.H MARH RHom, Cert. C.S.T., Cert. K.A., BA CELTA Dip C.S.S.D.

‘My family have practised the principles of homeopathy for 3 generations.’

Nicola has been involved with homeopathy since 1982, prescribing both for herself and work colleagues. Her decision to train as a professional homeopath came from helping out at her sister’s complementary health centre (thehealthworks.co.uk) and seeing the return to health by so many patients. She trained at the classical New College of Homeopathy, Greenwich, going on to further training at the College of Practical Homeopathy, Finchley. She has a wide understanding of many alternative therapies from assisting at her sister Jo’s practice and has an eclectic view of maintaining health. She was an actress for many years.  This profession has enabled her to develop a deeper understanding of complex human emotions and behaviours.

She incorporates Systematic Kinesiology and kinesiology muscle testing techniques (EDT – Energy Diagnosis Technique) in appointments. This testing may indicate homeopathic medicine and/or nutritional supplements. She may use Australian Bush, Bach, Orchid or other Essences which are particularly useful for very sensitive people with high intolerance levels. (The Indigo Essences have proved very helpful with children.) She also uses homotoxicology where relevant.

Bio Resonance Screening may be incorporated in a session or booked separately.

Following a Plant Medicine course run by one of her college tutors (Dr Craig Wright M.Tech.Hom(TN), PCH(UK), MSc (Herb.Med)(Wales) and her homeopathy training, she uses Homeopathic Mother Tinctures and an organic range of Homeobotanicals from New Zealand.

Nicola worked for many years as an Advisor for Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy.

She is registered & insured as a Craniosacral Therapist.

She has ongoing professional supervision & maintains continuing professional development (conferences, courses, seminars, ongoing study of Sankaran’s Sensation Method) in order to deepen her practice & enlarge her understanding of homeopathy, kinesiology, naturopathy and craniosacral therapy.